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Can I get a life insurance policy if I am diabetic?

Can I get a life insurance policy if I am diabetic?

Yes, you can get a life insurance policy if you are a type 1 or type 2 diabetic

Type 1 diabetes

Many people with type 1 diabetes live long, healthy lives. However, there is a greater likelihood of developing other health conditions. You can also be more likely to get a heart attack or a stroke. Because of this higher risk, type 1 diabetics could pay extra for life insurance. This holds true for both term and full life insurance.

You might have to undergo a medical exam when applying for life insurance because type 1 diabetes is a pre-existing condition. You can also be asked for some more information about your health. This includes the medications you take as well as your most recent HbA1C results. Your BMI may also be examined by the insurer. They will also likely inquire about any issues you may have that are caused by type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes 

For type 2 diabetics, a medical examination, blood glucose readings, and BMI may also be required. Your rates may occasionally be reduced if you can demonstrate that you are controlling your weight, staying active, and cutting back on smoking and drinking. However, this depends on the specific provider.

Your premiums may be slightly higher than those of a non-diabetic person looking for life insurance, as is the case with most pre-existing conditions. This is due to the potential health risks that both illnesses may present. Don’t let this discourage you from obtaining life insurance because there are often ways to manage the potential hazards that could lower the cost of your premiums. Your diabetes diagnosis is not the only factor that insurers will take into account.

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