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Can I get life insurance if I vape?

Can I get life insurance if I vape?

If you’re a vaper, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you can still buy life insurance – the bad news is that it usually costs a little bit more.

In brief, although vaping is often seen as better than smoking, there are still risks to your health. Although there is not enough substantial evidence and research into vaping as there is for smoking, health professionals still report that it can lead to medical problems at a younger age. Therefore life insurance companies frequently charge higher premiums.

In fact, for many insurance providers, it doesn’t matter whether you are an actual smoker or just occasionally vape, you will likely still pay higher rates if you use nicotine-containing items like gum, patches, or vape pens. 

What if I decide to quit vaping?

Different insurers have different policies, but generally speaking, if you stop vaping and abstain from nicotine for 12 months, you are once again considered a non-smoker.  Your past vaping habit may still affect the cost of your premium, but it should be much less expensive.

What if I don’t tell my insurer?

If you deliberately withhold information from your insurer it can render your policy invalid. Failing to disclose your vaping or smoking status could result in your beneficiaries being denied their claim, especially if you pass away from any complications associated with vaping. 
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