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Can I get life insurance with a chronic illness?

Can I get life insurance with a chronic illness?

A chronic illness can take so much from you. But don’t let it take the peace of mind that your family will be financially secure should the worst happen. People with chronic illnesses can (and do) get accepted for life insurance. The goal is to find the best policy for you, your illness, and your associated symptoms. 

Insurance companies may be slightly higher for customers with a chronic illness, although this is determined case-by-case. Researching and comparing life plans is important because not all providers have the same perspective on pre-existing conditions. 

Life insurance policies can come with or without exclusions. Insurers may offer a policy with exclusions if they decide that your pre-existing condition is too severe to qualify for coverage. It is possible for insurers to provide a policy that covers any future illnesses. However, this likely wouldn’t pay out if your pre-existing condition causes your death.

Policies without exclusions are often referred to as a “loaded premium.” The monthly payments tend to be higher when accounting for your preexisting condition and the higher risk associated with it.

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